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about the Movement

The Dhirana Movement is a creative experiment and movement with Art.

Building from the foundation and vocabulary of Bharatanatyam, we seek to inspire innovation, expansion and evolution in this space. 

To stay relevant, grow, and evolve, there is a growing awareness that art forms cannot afford to remain secluded in one space.  We believe there is enormous potential in discovering and highlighting new dimensions in this art form by its mingling and play with other art forms like – poetry, prose, non-traditional music, visual art, different forms of media and much more.

To begin, the Dhirana Movement will experiment in two ways:

  • We will test new and creative ways to share and experience Art. We hope to create work that resonates with the viewer;
  • We will leverage technology and other resources to communicate better and create an accessible and informative dialogue within the Indian dance space.

There may be some attempts that are better than others.  That is the nature of learning and experimentation.  But we believe efforts to express creatively, to express oneself, can never truly be a failure to the one who engages.

As we evolve and continue our experiments, it is our hope that we will expand our own horizons, and craft ways for you to join this Movement.  Perhaps we will motivate you to begin experimenting for yourself?

Regardless, thank you for visiting,

Malini Sekhar & Lakshmi Swaminathan, Co-founders

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