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Ascending the Stage: Students in America Speak on Arangetram

Its not too difficult to find wonderful articles, interviews, videos, etc. on the many renowned and highly accomplished Indian Classical dancers and teachers out there in cyberspace now.  We are lucky to have access to the wisdom and insights of such stalwarts in the field, and we are grateful that they are willing to share their light with us.

At the same time, and given the evolution of the ways in which students and teachers interact, we thought it would also be interesting to hear from students who are preparing for, or who have just completed their Arangetram.  As Arangetram season is in full gear, our latest experiment highlights those students.  They have offered some wonderful perspectives into preparing for an Arangetram as a student based in America.  They have also offered some great tips to students looking to follow in their footsteps.

Contrary to popular belief abroad, Arangetram is not the “graduation,” of a dancer, it is just the beginning of a beautiful journey of growth and love with the art form.

Our first student in this series is Priya Seetharaman who is a Bharatanatyam dancer trained by the Natananjali School of Dance.

We hope you enjoy it, and are as impressed with her maturity and insight as we were!


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dhirana5 • June 18, 2014

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