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Dancing the Dance (post Arangetram/college edition)

Many dancers and students out there dream of dancing through life, both figuratively and quite literally. I mean, who wouldn’t?!

For some of us this dream is realized but for many more of us, the various demands on our time and resources make it challenging to sustain dance as their sole career or focal point, especially post-arangetram.  But there is a growing number of folks who are and who do.

Our Dancing the Dance exploration is around learning from dancers and students who have found ways to integrate dance into their lives and remain connected to their passion in meaningful and enduring ways.  We thought others might be interested too, hence this first post!

Dhirana Movement recently had the pleasure of speaking with the co-captains and a few members of UMD Moksha, a competitive college classical dance team, to learn about what motivates them to continue their pursuit of dance and the dynamics of working collaboratively with each other to form a successful collegiate Indian Classical dance team.

Special thanks to the Moksha team for their time and wisdom. Stay tuned for Part 2 to hear more about keys to creating a successful Indian Classical dance team!

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dhirana5 • January 15, 2019

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