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Expanding from the Inside-Out & Outside-In

As the Dhirana Movement is about encouraging and highlighting (tasteful, at least to us đŸ™‚ ) experimentation, innovation and the play of different art forms, we thought it would be interesting to hear from two dancers who are doing just that.  But from different sides of the world  – Priyadarshini Ghosh and Chitra Kalyandurg.

Priyadarshini Ghosh

Priyadarshini is an established Mohiniattam dancer, Contemporary dancer and Choreographer based in Kolkata, India. In a brief piece, Priyadarshini writes about her journey and evolution as a dancer, and how she began to expand from her traditional roots to the more contemporary.

My Journey As a Dancer and Choregrapher by Priyadarshini Ghosh (click title to read)

Chitra Kalyandurg

Our second dancer, Chitra Kalyandurg, is a seasoned Kuchipudi dancer and choreographer based in the U.S. who has been experimenting with contemporary work. In a Q&A with Chitra, she talks about her beginnings, the advantages and disadvantages of being an Indian classical dancer based in the U.S., and advice to others who are interested in pursuing dance professionally in the U.S..

Q&A with Chitra Kalyandurg (click title to read Q&A)

Enjoy and if you are interested in writing something or have an idea for a post,feel free to drop us a line!

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dhirana5 • April 25, 2013

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