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Poetry Revisited – our first experiment!


Below is our first experiment – Poetry Revisited.   Poetry Revisited is the first experiment of the Dhirana Movement. We sought to use the tools of expression available to us in Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance form) to bring further depth and life to Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poem, “Flower.”  As in other Indian Classical dance forms, Bharatanatyam provides a wonderful vocabulary from which to express.  In this example, we use hastas (hand gestures) and eye movements to communicate Tagore’s poem.


Here is the text –

Pluck this little flower and take it, delay not! I fear lest it
droop and drop into the dust.

I may not find a place in thy garland, but honour it with a touch of
pain from thy hand and pluck it. I fear lest the day end before I am
aware, and the time of offering go by.

Though its colour be not deep and its smell be faint, use this flower
in thy service and pluck it while there is time.

Dancer – Valli Sanmugalingam
Singer (background vocal) – Anoop Kumar
Choreography, Poem narration – Lakshmi Swaminathan
Video & Editing – Malini Sekhar
Concept – Lakshmi Swaminathan & Malini Sekhar

Thanks so much for coming by!

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dhirana5 • March 11, 2013

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  1. vinatha kumar March 13, 2013 - 2:51 am Reply

    Eyes and hand gestures express Tagore’s sentiments very eloquently ! Words merely speak but Dance gives it ” Life.”

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