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Performance Ready: Advice from the Artists

To round out our Performance Ready series ( how-to videos on preparing for a Bharatanatyam performance – hair, make-up, etc), we decided to collect and share performance advice and insights from prominent artists in the field.

Of course technical skill and doing justice to the choreography are of primary importance.  Yet, while watching performances ranging from seasoned artists to junior students, one thing is clear –  there is more to it.  And interestingly enough, that “more” that we speak of, is not always taught during class.

We hope the following performance tips will be helpful to you, and we are grateful to those wonderful artists who took the time to share with us.

Anuradha Nehru, (www.kalanidhi.org)
Aswathy & N. Srikanth, (www.nrityalaya.net)
Bhavajan Kumar
Daniel Phoenix Singh, (www.dakshina.org)
Daniel’s photo by Stephen Baranovics
Priya Murle, (www.priyamurle.com)
Renjith & Vijna, (www.renjithvijna.com)
Rajashree Chintak Behera, (http://www.hcicolombo.org/)
Shobha Subramanian, (www.jayamangala.org)

Ragam: Hamsadhwani; Talam Adi
Vocal – D. Srivathsa
Flute- Mahesha Swamy
Violin- Madhusudhan
Mridangam- Harsha Samaga
Nattuvangam- Lakshmi Swaminathan
Pre-recorded music from the arangetram of Sachi Koulgi.

Vathapi Ganapathim
Ragam: Hamsadhwani; Talam Adi
Bharathwaj Gopalakrishnan
Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Ajay Ravichandran
Shreyas Deo
Kamalakiran Vinjamuri
Lakshmi Swaminathan & Malini Sekhar
Malini Sekhar



dhirana5 • March 16, 2015

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