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Performance Ready: Chapter 1

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful summer!  It’s been a while! 🙂

For a bit of a change from our normal stuff, this time, we are putting together a three-part HOW-TO series on how to get ready for a Bharatanatyam performance.   We start with a video on how to do the hair.

We thought this may be a useful resource out there to new parents, new dancers or even others that want some guidelines to refresh their memory now and again!  We hope this is helpful and please do consult your teacher/guru first as there are different ways of getting ready.

Here are a few general additional tips regarding the hair:
1. Best to wear a button-down shirt while getting ready so you don’t mess up your dance blouse and you won’t have to disturb your hair and make-up later.
2. It’s a good idea to wear your choker first for the same reason as #1
2. Greasy hair is good (for a change) when doing hair for a performance. It tends listen more 🙂
3. Use plenty of hair gel and hair spray to keep the hair neat and clean.

Good luck and feel free to ask us questions! info@dhiranamovement.com

Dancers Models – Medha Swaminathan, Sachi Koulgi
Hair Dressing – Lakshmi Swaminathan
Background Vocal – Hariprasad (pre-recorded music)
Voiceover – Malini Sekhar
Video & Editing – Malini Sekhar
Concept – Lakshmi & Malini

Thanks for coming by!


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dhirana5 • August 24, 2013

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