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Performance Ready: Chapter 2

Here is Chapter 2 in our three-part series “Performance Ready,” getting ready for a Bharatanatyam performance.

This video is a HOW-TO on make-up.  As in the other video, please note, that there are different ways to do make-up, and this is just one example.

The following make-up items were used for the video. However, we have no relationship with any of the cosmetic brands selected nor do we believe you have to use these items specifically:

  • Pancake Make-up – #26
  • Compact Powder – Studio Fix- Mac (color to suit the dancer’s skin but one shade lighter. The store will usually test and find the right shade for you. But because it is for the stage, you will want to go with one shade lighter).
  • Blush- Cover Girl Dusty rose
  • Eyebrow pencil- Wet and Wild Mink Brown
  • Eyeliner pencil- Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Black/Noir
  • Lipliner- Revlon colorstay lip liner color = wine
  • Lipstick- Revlon Blackberry
  • Eyeshadow- Black Radiance

Also, as an added bonus :), here are Stage Make-up Tips from a workshop Lakshmi Swaminathan attended.  The workshop was presented by  Sri. Kesav Ram, a professional make-up artist/expert from Hyderabad, India.

Feel free to comment or drop us a line if you have any questions.

Good luck with your performance!




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dhirana5 • September 18, 2013

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