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We will overcome. Our moment has arrived.

This Dhirana Movement experiment using the popular “We shall overcome” refrain and setting it to Bharatanatyam movements, came to us somewhat out of the blue or maybe not so much… Thinking about African American history month and the civil rights struggle but also other struggles for liberation around the world including India, where women are rising and standing up against violence and injustice. Not to mention each of our own personal, individual struggles to break free from what binds us, and be our true selves. “We Shall Overcome,” which has long had its translation and use in India, was the perfect song to try and capture these thoughts. We put it together rather quickly as we felt that this was the perfect time to share it. So please forgive any oversights.

We hope you enjoy. We hope it resonates.

Though this is not for commercial use, we are making a donation to the We Shall Overcome Fund at the Highlander Folks School (rich history, please look it up!) for using the song.

– “We Shall Overcome,” (english, hindi, hinglish đŸ™‚ Song rendered by: Nirathi Rao Kalavapudi
– Choreography: Lakshmi Swaminathan
– Video & Editing: Malini Sekhar
– Narrative: Malini Sekhar
– Concept: Lakshmi Swaminathan & Malini Sekhar

dhirana5 • February 11, 2014

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